GemBiz Demo Website

We can help your business achieve its goals

Your business, charity, club or organisation exists for a reason - it has a purpose.

We can help you achieve that purpose.

If you spend your time on other activities, that is time that cannot be spent on your main activity. The same is true of money - money spent on any activity other than your main one is a diversion.

How we help you

We make it possible for you to carry out a vital business function easily and quickly, thus saving you time and money.

Your website is a vital part of your marketing message. No serious organisation can afford to be without a website these days and many businesses make two big mistakes.

  1. Their website looks "shoddy", inconsistent or unclear
  2. The content on their website is massively out of date

We can help you avoid both of those errors. By creating a design that is consistent with all your other marketing materials we can convey a "brand" to your customers ensuring that you look like a well run and competent organisation, and by allowing you to easily update your website whenever you need to, then you can keep your website current and up-to-date.

How do I get to try this website? 

To stop people using the demo website for web spam, you must apply for a username and password for the maintenance system. This will be mailed to you and then you can log in and try the system out. Make any changes you please - the website content is reloaded every day and all changes are wiped out.

To get a username and password, click this link and complete the short form.