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Getting to the top of Google


All our websites come with the ability to handle Google Analytics. This allows you to track how your website is performing and which parts of it are being viewed by your customers and potential customers.

Analytics is simple to add to your website and can be combined with other Google services such as the Webmaster tools and Sitemaps - all designed to boost your understanding of what is happening with your website. 



Adwords is Google's "Pay per click" advertising system. You may have seen it down the right-hand side of Google searches.

The methodology is very simple - you set a daily budget (say £10) and a "cost per click" (say 50p).  Each click decreases your daily budget by 50p and after 20 clicks you are done for the day. However, the trick is that the more you pay per click the higher up the listings you go. 

Get your website changes picked up fast!

Everyone knows that getting Google to find your website is the first hurdle. The second hurdle is getting Google to pick up on any changes your website has had. We can help you with this by making sure that Google is notified of any changes to the website content and by telling Google where all the web pages are and what they are called.

New pages or changes to content show up in the Google index in a matter of days.