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Credit Cards - make it easy for customers to pay you

Make it easy to pay

It has never been easier to set up credit card services or to get your customers to pay by credit card.

How does online payment help?

The simple answer is "It gets money from customers and put it in to your bank account with the minimum of fuss". It is as simple as that. Overhead with handling cheques is eliminated, bank charges reduced and you can be sure that the customer is not wasting your time. Many of these services have checks to detect "worrying" transactions that might be fraudulent so you can do further checking.

It can make a difference

By making it easy for customers to pay you make it much more likely that they will buy your products or services. Many people no longer like using cheques or having to wait on  things going through the post. Online payment is the modern way, it is here to stay and your customers now expect it. 

Types of service - how to choose

A range of services exist. From the "Rolls Royce" service of a customised interface with your bank, through the "Ford Mondeo" option of payment gateways like Protx and WorldPay right down to the "Budget" options of PayPal and Google checkout.

Make no mistake - all these services will work just fine - what you need to determine is the transaction volume and the amount of money that you will take through these services.

Paypal and Google Checkout may not have the "snob" value of a direct connection to a bank service, but they cost a lot less to run and are a lot faster to set up. They still get money into your bank account and goods to your customers and that is, after all, the whole point.