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Wikis and how to use them

Wiki your documentation

Almost everyone has heard of Wikipedia, but you can use a wiki in your own business to maintain important business information.

Standards, Procedures, Documents

All businesses have notes, tipsheets, procedures, documentation and so forth and the chances are they are in Word or Excel and everyone has a slightly different copy and most are out of date.

Wikis are the answer!

A wiki centralises all your information but allows anyone to access it and change it. You can track what has been done, but it is easy and quick to edit and the changes are saved immediately. Anyone who notices an out-of-date piece of information can fix it straightaway.

Editing is trivial and you never have to worry about the formatting as the wiki does most of the formatting for you. Locating a procedure is as quick as typing its name into the search box and pressing Go.

The wikis can be located inside your existing network or externally on a web server and restricted to your internet address so that only you have access.