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Types of website

We offer four website packages, ecommerce shops, wikis, forums and on line CRM systems.


Our websites are primarily designed for business use. If you want a heavily modified graphical interface with lots of movement, flashing graphics and interactivity then we are not the people to deal with. If you want websites that are clean, simple, functional and easy for customers to use then you have come to the right place.

We offer 4 website packages, all of which can be upgraded from one to the other. They are:

  • Ruby - a small starter website
  • Emerald - for the small business and linked to Google's tools
  • Sapphire - for the larger business with basic eCommerce capability
  • Diamond - for the corporate

Click on the names in the above list to find out more about each type of website package.


For those wanting to run an on-line shop we recommend the use of an eCommerce solution. This entails producing a customised storefront with full product, category and ordering support (see more details).

Wikis - your very own Wikipedia

Do you need to keep udating internal documentation? Do you trust your staff to produce good documentation about company procedures and guidelines? If so, why not set up an internal service running a Wiki? Contact us for more details of how this may help your business. We use the same software as Wikipedia and it is easy to learn and fast to use. (see more details)


On line forums are a great way to get feedback from customers or anyone else. We use the best known of the industry standard software to set up a forum. It can be private, public or a mixture of the two. Easy to use and adaptable to almost any situation. (see more details)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Do have a distributed sales force spread all over the country? Do you need to run a common database of customers and sales leads and have it available internationally? If so then contact us about an on-line CRM system. It can really help boost your sales.